Creating Your Ad

After signing up and activating your account, you'll be able to create your ad.

  1. If you've just signed up, you'll be automatically brought to the Edit Ad page to create your ad. If you previously signed up, login to your account here. Then Select Manage Ads from the left-hand menu and select Edit beside the ad.
  2. Complete your details under the Profile tab and select Save Draft. If you select an Industry & Sub-Industry, you'll be listed under the Sub-Industry (ie Plumbing). Whereas if you only select an Industry, you'll be listed under this (ie Home Services).
  3. Switch to the Images tab and upload images for your logo, banner and profile image Then select Save Draft.
  4. Once the profile details and images are complete for your ad, select Submit for Review. Once your ad has been approved, you'll receive email confirmation that it's showing in the app.


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